April 5, 2015


My scanner has been acting up a bit, thus the lack of scans, but I think we are back in business. The past few months have been filled with a lot of new beginnings and new friendships, really abrupt endings, some of the most terrible news of my life, and some amazing news. At the beginning of the new year almost everyone I knew expressed that this is "The Year", whatever that means to them. I feel it, too. A lot of people have walked out in the past year, but I am so grateful for the people who continue to stay and watch me navigate through everything that has been unfolding as I watch them do the same. However, I find the most inspiration from the absence of the ones that chose to leave. The wanting or the weirdness or the questions or the anger. It sounds like uber lame, but these are the moments when I feel the most adult. I can see personal growth in the ability to let people leave, call out and deal with whatever I'm feeling, but not let it wreck me completely. 

I do feel raw, though, after having to shave down the feelings and trust that I build around people over and over again. 

Tania's mysterious booty print behind the usual late night coffee spot.

Andrew. We used to live in a one bedroom behind the El Rey with another boy, one cat, a dog, and a turtle. I miss walking into the living room with Pokemon on the tv and him waving cigarette smoke out our fourth story window.

The Lovely Bad things at The Smell.

I made a friend, Morgan, at the LA Zine Fest. We made a comic together about our biggest weirdest fears. They included Leonardo DiCaprio's death, running into exes, eating spiders in your sleep, clogging toilets in public. The usual.

Messing around at Kit Kraft.
Probably one of my top ten favorite pictures I've taken ever.

A lot of pictures that I took in February/March are really good.
They're just kind of hard for me to look at.

The tiniest new coffee spot. 
I took this on their opening day.
I took two so they could keep one.
I like giving these to nice strangers.

Happy Easter.

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